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As a rule of thumb, the rivet diameter should be about 3 times the thinnest sheet thickness. So for an 0.050 in. thick aircraft Aluminum sheet, a 5/32 in. rivet should be used. But a 1/8 in. or a 3/16 in. could also be used if need be. In aerospace in general, no rivets should be installed in material thicknesses greater than ¼ in. (0.25 in.).

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Sailrite ® SnapRite ® System is a unique new snap fastener system created by Matt Grant (Sailrite owner). The SnapRite System features a set of four dies that work with a standard rivet gun to install button, socket, stud and eyelet snap fastener components with more ease, speed and precision than ever before.
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The length of the rivet should be equal to the thickness of both objects you are fastening, plus 1.5 times the diameter of the rivet's stem. For example, a 1/2-inch diameter rivet being used to fasten two one-inch thick plates will have to be 2 3/4 inches long.
Rivets join metals together in various applications, such as automotive, construction and aviation uses. Choosing the correct size of rivets is important to each application's integrity. Grip length, or grip range is among the most important dimensions for any rivet.
We need to find the temperature change required so the diameter of the rivet equals the diameter of the hole. To find this we can use Equation 13.5, , with the thermal expansion coefficient from Table 13.1 for stainless steel, . Solving for gives:. Because the initial temperature is 20°C, we get a final temperature of -78°C. Note that
75 percent of existing rivet pitch, but should never be less than 2 1/2 times the diameter. EDGE DISTANCE.—The edge distance for all rivets, except those with a flush head, should not be less than twice the diameter of the rivet shank nor more than four times the diameter of the rivet shank. Flush-head rivets require an edge distance of at least
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The calculator uses super-secret combinations of theoretical and sampled dimensions and weights to provide the results. For sizes that don't actually exist in the marketplace, such as a 1-63/64″ diameter square nut, we make a guess based on what we know about the relationship between diameter and other dimensions.
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People also ask, how do you calculate the number of rivets needed? The diameter of the rivet hole is obtained by using Unwin's formula i.e. d=6√t, where 't' is the thickness of the plate [5]. The number of rivets required for the joint is obtained by the shearing or crushing resistance of the rivets. What are the types of riveted joints?
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(c) Solid rivets shall be installed by squeezing only. NOTE: Bucking is prohibited. (4) Hole Diameters for Hi-Loks and Lockbolts in Composite Material: (a) Hole diameters are to be per Table 208. (5) Installation Limits for Permanent Fasteners: (a) A0.004 inch gap under one side of a protruding head fastener or swage collar and a 0.002
The most common way to specify a rivet size is by 'trade size'. For example 45. The first number refers to the diameter of the rivet in 32nds of an inch. The second number refers to the maximum grip length in 16ths of an inch. Therefore a size 45 rivet is 4/32" (1/8") diameter with a 5/16" maximum grip range. The same as our previous examples.
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This is because the rivet will expand to fill the hole space when it is driven. We use a #30 drill to make a 0.1285 inch hole for a 1/8 inch rivet. Using two 1/8 inch rivets the calculation is P s = 2 (3.14159265 * 0.1285 2 /4) 26,000) = 674 lb. We can now calculate the shear strength of the single 5/32 inch rivet.